Starting Wedding Day Coverage - $3600

Starting Location Portrait Sessions - $850

Adventure Sessions, Elopements, Studio Portraiture or Commercial Commissions - Contact For Quote









How Many Weddings Have You Captured?



My last count was 312 as of December 2018!


Are You Familiar With Weddings From Different Cultures?


Yes, and I love learning about all of the different ceremonies and traditions from around the world. I have documented weddings from East Indian Hindi Ceremonies, Muslim weddings, Buddhist weddings, Orthodox Russian and Greek weddings, traditional Korean and Chinese ceremonies, Nigerian weddings & engagement parties, Orthodox Jewish Ceremonies, and even a Wiccan wedding.


Do You Have Special Packages for Non-Western Weddings?

Yes. I have packages for East Indian weddings and Asian Ceremonies that include traditional tea ceremonies. For all other special events please contact me so we can create something that is perfect for your specific event.


Do You Shoot Family Portraits, Bar or Bat Mitzvah's, Christenings or other small family oriented events?


To be a part of someone's family in an intimate way the way these events require I need to feel connected to you in some way. I typically do events like this for past clients only because I feel like there is already a bond between us. If you have a small event like this and need a photographer, you can contact me and if I am not the right fit I have an amazing network of people I can recommend and would be happy to help you find the right person.



How Would You Describe Your Style?

Easy. I have long felt that my style reflects that of Fashion Forward Photojournalism With An Editorial Edge. Because I have a background in, and still shoot fashion, editorial, and lifestyle branding photography this makes its way into everything I create. Picture what the most amazing magazine spread capturing a particular event looks like, or a really beautiful catalogue like Anthropologie... That's a solid representation of how I like to shoot.

What Kind Of Gear Do You Use?

Canon, Sony Alpha Series, and various old film cameras from my collection. I favor prime lenses and I love using flash to enhance the ambiance of your day, not overpower it. My current favorite is a Pentax Honeywell from 1967 that I found in pristine condition in a thrift store. I only shoot film when requested to do so, so make sure to let me know if you want some of this celluloid magic.


Do You Have Insurance?

Yes! Every business owner should and I'm happy to provide a proof of insurance certificate for places that require them.


Do You Shoot Alone Or With Another Photographer?

Depends on the event. I have two associate photographers I have been working with for years that are amazingly talented for those instances when I need a second or third pair of eyes on the day. I frequently work alone however and will bring lighting assistants from time to time when I feel I need it.


How Do You Price Destination Weddings?

The first step is to go over your timeline for your event and see how much coverage you need or want. You can add additional blocks of shoot time if you want pre-wedding activities the week of captured, or if you want a portrait session on an alternate day of the wedding to give you a real flavor of the place you're in. Once we have that set, I add a very reasonable travel fee that will cover coach travel to and from your locale, and two nights of a moderate hotel stay. My goal is not to profit from any of the travel costs as they are just to get me there and any support staff I may need. :)







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