How Would You Describe Your Style?


Engaging storytelling that embraces the human experience with

an emphasis on details, design, and message.


Crafting imagery that makes the viewer feel something is the sweet spot for capturing attention and creating lasting impressions. I start from this perspective with every project and approach the creative process from how you want your customers, your viewers, or even your family to feel when they see your photos. Your image is everything when it comes to how they will represent your brand, your family, or your own self-image.


I especially connect with projects that allow me to showcase my clients' inner passion,

drive, and beauty through their talents, art, and businesses.




What Kind Of Gear Do You Use?


Canon Professional, and various old film cameras from my collection depending on the project, favoring my Pentax RZ 6X7 medium format film camera.


Do You Have Insurance?


Yes. I'm happy to provide a proof of insurance certificate for locations that require them.



Do You Shoot Alone Or With Another Photographer?


I am the principal photographer for my studio, but for jobs that require more coverage, I bring assistants who will shoot additional angles,

provide coverage during breaks for me, capture behind-the-scenes footage,

act as a lighting, grip, or gear liaison, and can be helpful with staying on schedule

for longer shoots with more moving parts. I am always your contracted photographer

and I do not have associates that work for me despite what the internet says ;)






How Does Your Pricing Work?


Every shoot is different so please fill out the contact form and I will respond with detailed pricing menus for the type of shoot you are interested in. Even if you are planning for a shoot in the future, it's helpful to understand the costs involved.


This is a starting guide of the range you would expect to pay for different options.

Costs depend on the length of shoot, locations, outfit changes, number of people being photographed, permits required, travel, turnaround times, and licensing.


Headshot / Corporate Portraits - On Location - starting at $345 per person

w/ 5 year license - 8 portrait minimum - Retouching for 1 image included.


Headshot / Corporate Portraits In Studio (LA Location) - $365 per person

4 portrait minimum.

5-year license - 30-minute shoot - 1 outfit change - Retouching for 1 image included


Portrait Session Shoot Fee - Starting at $585/ hour. $785/hour for Business Usage

Shoot includes an online proofing gallery, 3 Retouched high-resolution digital images,

unlimited personal usage license, access to web-resolution proofs,

and a premiere session to choose which printed products suit your images and decor.

Clients typically spend between $800 - $4500 on products from their sessions.


Business & Branding Sessions - Starting at $2400

Every business is different so I spend time learning how your business runs, what your brand or product experience is, and what kind of aesthetic you want to portray to your target audience. Your Image Is Everything when it comes to how you are being visually represented.

How you present online via your blog, your social presence, your website, and your PR Team is massively impactful to how you will be perceived by your customer base.

All Business Branding sessions include a 10 year local & web usage license, access to your proof stage images online in a hosted gallery for 1 year, client privileges to download both web resolution proof stage & high-resolution images.

Additional larger reaching and large scale commercial advertising licenses will be negotiated based on current industry standards at the time of booking.


Editorial Location Portrait Commissions - $1800 Starting.

Inquire with location, dates, and usage for more information.



Travel Portrait, Adventure, or Branding Sessions - Starting at $2500 plus travel & Per Diem

Inquire for more details.










(619) 972 - 5233