An Afternoon Walk In Tahoe

With all of the millions of things I have on my plate in the middle of the busy summer season, making time to go outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather isn’t always high on my list. This year, with my move back to California and spending a heavenly summer in South Lake Tahoe I’ve been making it a point to do just that. Although I sometimes forget to post personal work, or in the busiest times I struggle to make time to blog at all to keep you all posted as to what I’ve been up to, I decided to steal a few moments yesterday afternoon to take a walk, drink in the sun, leave my phone at home, and take some glamor shots of Sasha in one of her favorite places and mine. I hope you all make a little time today to go drink in the sun while it lasts… and unplug if even for a moment. Trust me, your heart will thank you.

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I think it makes you stronger to love yourself more and do whatever it takes for others and you’ll be more satisfied!

With Love,     Genevieve

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